Mister Meredith was trained at Birmingham University in Music, Drama and Dance and worked in all three fields before combining them in the marvellous smorgasbord of cabaret, when he began talking about himself in the third person.

He’s just finished a year’s residency hosting Sneakeasy at Hester’s Hideout in London’s Exmouth Market, followed by another successful solo run at Edinburgh Festival Fringe with Pub Singalong R3volution and Magic Faraway Cabaret.

His solo shows (he’s taken 5 to the Edinburgh Fringe) have received 4 and 5 star reviews and you can read some of them here. In fact the EFF is a bit of a passion, as he is also Chief Executive of The Free Fringe in Edinburgh, the largest single producer of shows at the fringe, and serves as a director on the EFFS board. Next year’s show, Pub Quiz Singalong, is already in production.

Luke bow

The Hankie Song

Eat Yourself Thin

Eat Yourself Thin

The dangers of dieting

How To Write A Pop Ballad

My little mickey take of Naughties music with a couple of digs at La Cowell thrown in. Enjoy!

Anything Goes

Enchanted Burlesque 2013

A new take on Cole Porter’s classic


A spot of self-love anyone?

The Pirate Song

The Pirate Song

With added ukulele!

Sweet Transvestite

Sweet Transvestite

If you’re ever looking for a Franknfurter…

Did It

All that past…

Doctor Who Love Song

I adore Doctor Who. Splendid chaps, all of them, and this is for the fans especially.