On Ice Buckets

On Ice-buckets

1. The ice bucket challenge is not taking away donations from any other charity. I don’t believe there’s a single person that was sitting there thinking “what shall I do with that spare money I give to needy causes every month?” Well done to the ALS for coming up with this campaign.

2. Regarding how they spend there funding, surprise surprise most of it goes on administration. Now you look at your own company, or if you’re self-employed your time, and compare how much is spent on administration. It’s a fact of life kids, get over it. And no they haven’t found a cure yet – is that a reason to stop funding it? If you’re against animal testing for medical reasons or stem cell research, maybe, otherwise, no.

3. I’ve read so much about how “other charities deserve it more”. If you’d like a full and very funny rebuttal of this bollox argument, go see Kate Smurthwaite’s show Leftie Cock Womble. In the meantime, let’s face it, charities deserve more full stop. For every pound spent on the NHS I dare say we could save a lot more lives in the third world. Does that mean we should abandon the NHS and give all the money to the Red Cross/Crescent? Any takers?

4. I’m totally happy with people giving openly and not keeping it quiet like some shameful secret. Giving publicly promotes awareness and prompts others to do the same. Can anyone seriously point out the problem with that? Apart from the rather nimby argument that “well, it’s all a bit self-aggrandising”? For the record, my charities are Shelter and Red Cross. If you like this status, please think about setting up a DD with them.

5. Finally, it does seem that the ice-bucket is over. It’s given us lots of fun, especially the ones that have gone wrong, and an excuse for a lot of moaning on social media, which is fun by another route. It’s raised (not re-directed) millions of pounds, not only for ALS, but other charities; money that would not have been raised otherwise but more likely spent on luxuries we don’t need. However it is over. I shalln’t do it. Nominate me on the next campaign in that window after Gaga does it but before Charlie Sheen so I’ll know it’s cool.

Now excuse me while I’m inspired to donate conspicuously a bit extra to Shelter and Red Cross. That’s Shelter and Red Cross. I said…oh fuck it hand me that ice-bucket.