You want to know what I think?

…carry on reading.

That’s what blogs are for yes? Well, that and letting you know what I’ve been up to, what I’m about to be up to and what I’m up to right now. Usually my neck.

So. I’m doing this now. Blabbering into the ether, about singalongs, cabaret, with the occasional foray into burlesque.

There will be meanderings, diversions and unapologetic cul-de-sacs. Politically, most of the turnings will be left, being of the opinion that, although we should get on with big businesses and corporations, we shouldn’t climb into bed with them, and certainly not face down.

So there you have it, a mission statement, or manifesto if you will. I think that means if you elect to read this blog I can backtrack on it at any time and even swing the other way entirely. And of course, this being a blog I can almost guarantee it will be barely researched opinion only. If I wanted to write a fully footnoted article, I would.

So welcome bloggees, and let’s do this shit!

Mister Meredith